Where modern jazz, folklore, and poetry meet.

YENTL is a music project founded by vocalist and composer Yentl Verborgt. With the help of wonderful musicians Wout Gooris on piano, Jeroen Reggers on guitar, Jasper De Roeck on double bass, and Jesse Dockx on drums she brings original compositions and arrangements to life. 

YENTL is all about creating a unique atmosphere. The band takes the listener on a musical journey through lyrical melodies, intimate stories, and improvisation. All set against a backdrop of groove and rhythms. During their performances, the band seamlessly blends delicate moments with edgier, more experimental sounds.

At the heart of the music lies a deep sense of reflection, dreams, and searching and finding. Yentl’s compositions draw inspiration from ECM albums by artists like Anders Jormin and Kenny Wheeler. You can also recognize strong influences from the music of Ambrose Akinmusire and Joni Mitchell.

Yentl Verborgt & Jasper De Roeck

Yentl Verborgt, a singer, and Jasper De Roeck, a double bassist, form a special duo within the new generation of the Belgian jazz scene.

Their musical paths first crossed during their studies at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp. Later, Yentl moved to Barcelona while Jasper found his way in London.

Their diverse and shared experiences form the basis of the music they create together, blending elements of jazz, (South American) folklore, and pop music.

Yentl en Fleur

When two different voices match.

'Yentl & Fleur' includes jazz singer Yentl Verborgt and classical singer Fleur Strijbos. Since 2016, these two contrasting voices are finding each other in original compositions and arrangements. Their strength? Two unique voices that blend like magic!

Currently, Yentl & Fleur are working on their brand new project ‘In the Clouds’. Together with pianist Lars Van de Voorde they perform the songs and arrangements they wrote from their deep admiration of the clouds. They feel inspired by the ever-changing color palette of the sky, that’s beautiful every single moment of the day.

Yentl & Fleur - Vocaal duo


Brasilidades literally means 'lovers of Brazilian culture'.


In the summer of 2019, the Belgian guitarist Toon Spiessens traveled to Rio de Janeiro for a few months to discover Brazilian music culture. This journey inspired him to start a band with the mission of spreading Brazilian culture in his home country. While bossa nova music is quite well-known in the West, Brazil boasts an enormous diversity of musical genres.

At Brasilidades concerts, you'll hear music like samba, chôro, forró, carnival music, and much more. Toon found like-minded musicians in Brazilian percussionist Robson Pires and bassist Martijn Vanbuel.

The fantastic singer Yentl Verborgt also caught the Brasilidades virus and joined the ranks. The combination of southern sounds with uplifting rhythms promises to be a sunny trip to beautiful Brazil.